Kate – 21st February 2017

Great colour from Craig, nice and blonde and light but no bleach used at all!!! Love it and my hair feels in much better condition. Would highly recommend this salon.

Laura – 3rd January 2017

After seeing what an amazing job Craig did with a friend’s hair I decided to go myself….. I’ve known for ages my hair is really quite grey under all the black dye but wasn’t brave enough to admit to it till now, for anybody this is definitely a delicate process and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, Craig was very supportive and patient and most definitely wenrt over and above the call of duty to make sure I was super happy with the result. Absolutely love it Xxx

Angie – 28th October 2016

Fab salon, lovely relaxed atmosphere! 5 out of 5 stars!

Jane – 15th October 2016

Love the cut and colour. The hair sits far more comfortably now, and has passed the ‘style yourself’ test, as I can make quite a good job of it in the mornings. I’ve had a number of compliments about the colour too, so that’s definitely a winning combination. Thanks Craig!

Meredith – 12th September 2016

My hair has settled really well and is very easy to manage! Friends and family are remarking how much younger I look!!!! Look forward to next visit in December!

Denise – 10th August 2016

I am delighted with my hair! I had it coloured a bit darker which I really love!!!

Jude – 2nd August 2016

Very impressed with the friendliness of all the staff and the team spirit which is portrayed. I am taking time to adjust to the colour change to my hair but this can be adjusted I know and I was pleased to be in the hands of an experienced and very skilled stylist [Craig Parvin].

Elizabeth – 20th June 2016

Although I don’t live I Edinburgh, whenever I am there I will always try to an get an appointment with you. The hair cuts that I have had from your salon are always wonderful. Your staff listen and take into consideration what it is that I would like. They are also exceptionally friendly and welcoming. The appointment was a relaxed and enjoyable experience with results that I was hugely happy with! Please pass on my compliments to your staff. Many Thanks!

Kerry – 23rd March 2016

Happy as ever with my Egg experience and hair by Craig Parvin

Avril – 10th February 2016

As usual, I left the salon feeling great, really pleased with my hair… Thanks!

Sandra – 2nd January 2016

As always I enjoyed my visit to Egg Hair & Body. Craig wants his clients to be happy with their hair and not just that day but all the time, which can be achieved with the right cut and advice. I also took advantage of the special offer on facials, which was unbelievable value. One of the best facials I have had, also advice on caring for my skin and using the Dermalogica products, which is giving real results.

Helen – 15th December 2015

My experience at Egg was excellent. I would certainly return and like the colours chosen which were different to what I have had in the past so it was good to have a real change of colour before Christmas. I would certainly recommend Egg to my friends.

Moira – 10th December 2015

As always I enjoyed my visit to Egg Hair & Body. Craig wants his clients to be happy with their hair and not just that day but all the time, which can be achieved with the right cut and advice. Also got some good advice on caring for my skin and using the Dermalogica products, which is giving real results.

Rosemary – 4th November 2015

Thanks I was very happy with my recent appointment. I like the colour and the advice I received was really good. The staff were friendly.
One small suggestion that I think could be better is the coffee cups. I hated the stainless steel feel it was like drinking coffee out if a clinical receptacle! A change of cups would be great. It wouldn’t put me off coming but if you’re striving for excellence that would help.

Ginnie – 17th October 2015

Thank you for asking. Yes I’m enjoying my freshly cut and styled hair. I think the main thing for me is that I feel I know Gail well – and she knows me and my needs. She always does a good job and I feel relaxed and I value the continuity.

Jan – 14th October 2015

Thank you very much for my treatment last Sunday.
I appear to have acquired someone else’s hair. And it’s good hair.
Many thanks to Craig and the team.

Lesley – 11th September 2015

Enjoyed my experience as usual. Always get well looked after with a great cup of coffee! Came out feeling a million dollars – Craig worked his magic as usual.

Denise – 21th June 2015

Everything was lovely as usual, but I did notice something different. Glasses for water, instead of plastic cups. A really nice touch, so well done to the instigator! See you all soon.

Deborah – 8th June 2015

I was really pleased with my visit. I thought the staff were friendly and listened to my needs, I was delighted with the result of my hair appointment, and most of all I didn’t have to spend hours in the salon. One of the most frustrating things about previous salon visits have been the length of time to finish my hair (usually because the stylist is seeing to numerous clients at one time) – this is very offputting and I’m glad I didn’t experience it at Egg. I’ll gladly return again.

Lesley – 6th June 2015

I hadn’t been to Craig for a while and it was great to come back. I really enjoyed the whole experience and loved the haircut. See you all again in a few weeks!

Rachel – 14th May 2015

What to say! Craig has changed my life. Before, I had difficult to manage relaxed ‘Afro’ hair with the accompanying problems of fearing the results of dampness, humidity and swimming, which certainly made me feel less than relaxed. Now I get up in the morning and I don’t need to check the weather before venturing outside.  Even the haar does not disturb my hair!  My recent visit was as always a gift. Thank you Craig

Denise – 7th May 2015

Hi Claire,
Everything was great as usual. I know I keep saying this, but its lovely that everyone is so friendly. Makes me feel welcome, and I’d like to say thank you for that.
See you in a few weeks,
Take care all,

Lex – 1st April 2015

I cannot speak highly enough of the staff, of their professional attitude toward their career and their personal approach to each individual client.
It is also nice to be in the company of a group of colleagues who clearly enjoy their jobs and their workplace.
See you soon!

Rose – 24th March 2015

Hi Egg, I’m delighted! My hair was the longest it’s been, which I liked. I assumed that I’d need to lose a lot of length in order for the layering to be tidied up, but Craig managed to re-layer it without sacrificing much length. I found all the staff very warm and really enjoyed my visit. Thanks!


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